628 – Topics


00:03 It’s extortion: Terence Corcoran’s Potbusters, capitalizing in government regulation, politicians take over the cannabis market, state regulation of cannabis market, fines and penalties for NOT selling pot, Canada’s pot heads, Canada’s pot monopoly, political extortion racket, corrupt cannabis controls, organized criminals more trustworthy than politicians, crony lottery

12:30 Drunk on power: Canada’s crony pot heads, regulating the market for political interests, Ontario’s alcohol monopoly, government as referee vs government as monopoly, the sinful nature of sin taxes, moral virtue signaling through taxation

28:00 Impaired political reasoning: driving and alcohol, driving and cannabis, differing nature of alcohol and cannabis impairment, cannabis and contradictory fertility studies, myth of legalization

42:45 Up in vapor: advertising regulations for vaping devices, fascist doctors calling for more regulations, drugs sell themselves, government approved monopolists, state of anarchy, legalizing cronyism

59:42 END