626 – Topics


00:03 Censoring the Right: FEATURING Frank Vaughan, Dave Rubin, leaders debate, closed and manipulated monologue, September 29 PPC Hamilton event, freedom of speech and the mainstream media, Rubin called a Nazi, free speech as cornerstone of Western civilization, using racist and homophobe labels, free speech only found on the Right, censorship and political correctness found on the Left, sovereignty of the individual, anti-PPC protesters in Hamilton, bias of Canadian media and fake news reporting

17:23 Fighting for freedom and free speech: FEATURING Frank Vaughan – David Haskell – Dave Rubin – Maxime Bernier, protest signs, Conservatives avoiding debates, disrespect for constituents, controlling the dialogue by labels, CBC fake news, fake news by omission, free speech media excluded from Conservative press conference

29:27 The biggest challenge is mainstream media: David Menzies banned from Conservative conference, Conservatives shun Maxime Bernier and Salim Mansur, Conservatives dread news coverage, FEATURING – David Haskell – Dave Rubin – Maxime Bernier, Dave Haskell did not respond – fake news by CBC, mainstream media bias the biggest problem, social media a source of accurate information, creating freedom for the future, protesters disconnected from reality, disarming fake labels, Bernier on freedom of speech, freedom supporters around the world, PPC event turnouts and passion, PPC candidates running against the media, media misrepresentations about the PPC

45:30 Endorsing the PPC: FEATURING Derek Harrison – Marc Emery, Jagmeet Singh in favor of censorship, Jagmeet Singh’s hateful ideas, the Left hates freedom of speech and open debate, supporting the PPC, free to speak under the PPC, NDP propaganda through Press Progress, NDP slander campaigns, Trudeau has divided nation, collectivist parties spending Canada’s future away

59:42 END