625 – Topics


00:03 State of panic: Greta Thunberg’s campaign in Canada, Leftist death cult, mainstream media no longer the fourth estate, mainstream media as agent for the Left, Thunberg’s gospel of nihilism, analyzing Thunberg’s real message of panic

14:47 Anti-industrial revolution: Thunberg as a manufactured asset of environmental movement, all based on ideologies of the Left, Ayn Rand and the anti-industrial revolution, the fragility of human life, The Left’s agenda of destruction for destruction’s sake

29:35 The dynamic steady state economy: United Nations’ agenda of collapsing industrialized civilization, the Nazi label, more evidence of environmentalism’s death cult, the myth of limits to economic growth, the universal principles of capitalism

46:35 Science is serious: the myth of man-made climate change, fake science about carbon dioxide, the Left’s threats of cosmic cataclysm, anti-science climate change propaganda, why the minority Left rules the majority, facts don’t matter to the irrational Left, the true political polarity

59:42 END