624 – Topics


00:03 Trudeau’s racist agenda: Canadian election propelled to world stage, why Justin Trudeau is a racist, Trudeau’s racist political agenda, the politics of pandering, definition of racism

13:35 Racialized politics: lying about the People’s Party of Canada, the true meaning of being ‘racialized,’ Salim Mansur on Trudeau’s black face, Trudeau’s crocodile tear apologies

34:45 The greater sin: collectivist reasoning, Trudeau’s transfer of guilt, racism as an exclusive phenomenon of the Left, Left and Right – collectivism and individualism, Maxime Bernier on the missing debate, the ultimate minority

49:40 Sensitivity sensitivity: the harm in racial sensitivity seminars, mutual respect vs sensitivity, racism’s differing interpretations, toughness training, Ayn Rand on racism, racism’s quest for the unearned, virtue signaling, racism and determinism, the necessity of freedom of speech, private racism and prejudice

59:42 END