621 – Topics


00:03 Mark Friesen: strikes and supply management, PPC candidate Mark Friesen – long time conservative supporter, Conservative Party of Canada has turned in the wrong direction, opposition to UN globalist agenda, UN agenda a socialist wealth redistribution scheme, concern over vote splitting, PPC platform attractive, Bernier leading in the right direction, head of the snake is the UN

15:50 Alain Deng / Mike McMullen / Rocky Dong: PPC candidate Alain Deng – past CPC supporter, Andrew Scheer’s sleepy speech, Trudeau’s rule by regime, safety and security of Canada at risk, immigrant from Communist China, PPC candidate Mike McMullen opposed to political correctness, disenfranchised with Andrew Scheer and CPC, impressed with PPC leader and platform, diversity of PPC party members, divisiveness of identity politics, PPC candidate Rocky Dong – YouTube video wearing boxing gloves, PPC platform fits personal philosophy, Trudeau’s ethics conflicts, pipeline supported, jobs at stake in riding

30:45 Frank Vaughan: PPC candidate Frank Vaughan, farmer in Ontario, PPC is real and not fake, freedom of speech in the PPC, personal YouTube channel, changing the culture not just the law, culture more powerful than law, parliament as august body of independent minds, restoring the integrity of parliament, other parties cater to UN – a sovereignty destroying organization, putting Canada first, Islamic extremism, secular Muslims seeking escape from Islamists

49:25 Turning right: electability factor of the PPC, reunification of Reform Party with Progressive Conservative a mistake, CPC an untenable hybrid, uniting against a common opponent, compromise and pandering, PPC moving in the right direction, Tom Flanagan’s expectations and predictions, efforts to keep PPC out of electoral debate, denying Canadians a political option on the right, major parties opposed to freedom of speech

59:42 END