618 – Topics


00:03 Western history lesson: strengthening the Anglosphere, Britain and America’s special relationship, historical development of the Anglosphere, Britain’s Theresa May’s Brexit failure, Boris Johnson’s determination to succeed with Brexit, Nigel Farage’s electoral victories, Brexit would restore British-American relationship, Trump and Johnson to redefine Anglosphere, Western values and the Anglosphere, Western values relate to core cultural history of Western civilization, evolution and devolution of values, West and the rest

14:05 Challenge of communism: freedom and individual rights, universal content of Western values, socialism being identified in Western politics, growth of opposition to Western values, American history – civil war, civil rights, impact of Viet Nam war, de-legitimizing Western history as a force of good, India the Crown Jewel, failure of the education to pass on values, America confronted with challenge of communism, Asian tigers, Cultural Marxism

30:55 Cultural confrontations: necessity of eternal vigilance against cultural confrontations, college/university campus environments, attack against traditional values and standards, sexuality and gender, usurping the objectivity of language, introduction of multiculturalism as opposite of Western values, equality of cultures, multi culturalism destroys distinctions between cultures, unraveling and trashing history, intersectionality, victim culture, white culture, identity politics, India’s ancient civilization based on caste system, Britain introduces justice and democracy

46:10 People’s representative: People’s Party of Canada, lack of conservative voice for freedom and individualism, the elite smearing populism, fighting fake news in midst of culture war, ‘people’ means a ‘mob’ to the Leftist mob, ANTIFA, freedom of speech, appropriation and redefinition of words according to interest, carbon dioxide redefined as pollutant, pollute the language and control the mind, PPC grounded in objective reality and common sense, media interfering with election, media avoiding a PPC discussion, immigration issue, UN global compact on migration

59:42 END