614 – Topics


00:03 The deranged new normal: Trump derangement syndrome now the new normal, Trump’s July 4th speech, biased Google search, deranged media reactions to Trump’s speech, Fox News reflects the reality, media that hates Trump hates America

17:25 Bell test: fact checking Trump on Alexander Graham Bell, from conception to the birth of the telephone, Canadian nationalism ironically significant in Trudeau’s globalist Canada

32:40 Media meddle: Russian election meddling, Trump meets with Putin, Trump willing to accept foreign information, unbalanced media reporting on Trump, Putin calls Liberal values obsolete, fear of Russian meddling may have sinister motivations, Robert Mueller’s denial of confidence

50:50 Trump still towers: Trump’s record of success, real news on Trump from The Epoch Times, little known facts about China and the Mueller investigation

59:42 END