608 – Topics


00:03 Regulatory overkill: carbon monoxide detectors – air bags – cultural content – sex show regulations – incandescent light bulbs – political financing, subjective concepts of regulation, definitions – regulate – regulation – law – rule – governance

17:40 Regulatory necessity: consumer product regulation, virulent growth of regulations, regulatory powers, principles of rational regulation, property rights and regulatory authority, regulations – public and private, parking, speed limits, national airspace, radio and TV frequencies, quarantines, business registrations, fraud and misrepresentation

32:55 Regulatory compulsion: compelled speech at Law Society of Ontario, Bruce Pardy and Lisa Bildy, Stop SOP, language and culture regulations, CRTC Canadian content requirements, sign regulations, official languages regulations

48:35 Devil in the details: rule by regulation, municipal election campaign regulations, Paul Cheng and Paul Paolatto, cannabis sale regulations, cannabis production regulations

59:42 END