606 – Topics


00:03 Social-IS-m and Capital-ISN’T: feedback on socialism, fallacies about socialism and capitalism, fallacies about Just Right, political labels, climate change and carbon cons, Alistair Williams on socialism

18:20 Sharing socialism’s poverty and horrors: socialism as sharing, capitalism as monopoly, sharing as a voluntary act, Monopoly is not capitalism, history witnesses and philosophy teaches, socialism cloaked in the mixed economy, economic inequality and disparity

34:25 Socialism’s race for the bottom: paying the price for socialism, stealing vs trade, socialism’s race for the bottom, principle of wealth creation, the ticket inspector and the abuse of power, collective non-effort

48:40 Socialism’s war on wealth: socialism and communism, Rosanne Barr’s struggle with capitalism, slavery and capitalism, Captain Nemo’s mad fantasy, unalterable law of supply and demand, owing something back to society, Socialism and the War on Wealth by Murray Hopper

59:42 END