605 – Topics


00:03 The dead debate: scientists spur brain activity in dead pigs, consciousness after brain death, scientists in dilemma about nature of consciousness, the ‘Hard Problem’ of consciousness, philosopher David Chalmers, the nature of feelings and subjectivity, consciousness misunderstood, philosopher Daniel Dennett

19:35 Phenomenon: the phenomenon of consciousness, complexity of robots, the necessity of pain and pleasure, the phenomenon of feelings and emotions, never ask why

41:25 Conscious contradictions: no clear definition for consciousness, descriptions of consciousness, definitions versus proofs, mind-body dichotomy, the indivisible nature of matter and consciousness, irrational human conflicts and contradictions

49:20 Axiomatic: consciousness and existence, axioms not subject to proofs, awareness as an active process, awareness of the other, consciousness as the means of survival, necessity of abstractions, pain and consciousness, infinite regress of causes

59:42 END