603 – Topics


00:03 Exposing socialism: wealth redistribution schemes, Trump 2020 campaign to focus on socialism, the many forms of socialism, former Soviet Union, Venezuela, all Democrats committed to socialist schemes, socialism is political manifestation of the Left, Trudeau’s Climate Action Plan, fighting climate is a socialist scheme

16:45 Climate of socialism: capitalism and greed, socialism and greed, crony politics, carbon tax denial, the unseen agenda is socialism, fighting climate change is anti-capitalist, capitalism misunderstood and misrepresented, climate promoter Dave Plumb

38:30 Left to destruction: David Horowitz’s warnings about the Left, learning from history, learning from philosophy, Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, intellectually arming against the Left, polarizing the issues is the best way to defeat the Left

49:50 Socialisn’t: knowing history, the Left’s lies about history, slavery and racism, slavery is incompatible with capitalism, confronting the Right, socialism’s allure, ends and means, socialism is anti-social, capitalism is social, individualism is a social concept

59:42 END