595 – Topics


00:03 Aspiring to tyranny: Trudeau’s news narrative controls, curbing fake news, censoring fake news, defining fake news, Trudeau’s $7 million thought control program, the illusion of foreign influence, fear of fake, government versus the people

15:00 Fake views about fake news: misunderstanding the fake news phenomenon, unknowingly participating in fake news, doubt-skepticism-belief, Trudeau’s fascist news task force, fake commentary – Marcus Kolga’s Globe and Mail propaganda narrative for Trudeau, fake opinion, anti-immigration and anti-globalism discussion to be targeted by government, Facebook versus Just Right, foreign influence derangement syndrome, Facebook’s fake intentions

42:15 Hostile epistemological takeover: Sharyl Attkisson’s epiphany about fake news, Donald Trump’s hostile epistemological takeover, fake news – Donald Trump’s correct definition, intentional muddled approximations of the Left, the Russian distraction, Jill Abramson’s New York Times condemnation, unprecedented public distrust of mainstream media

50:48 So fake off already and get real: fake electoral concerns, the lying Left, fake news sites on line, top fake news stories from mainstream media in January, fake news a fake issue, the Left’s greatest fear – ideas

59:42 END