594 – Topics


00:03 Nothing to see here: the Washington DC Covington high school student incident, victim culture, dismissal of the ‘nothing’ event, test tube case, MAGA hats, primacy of consciousness vs primacy of existence

12:00 Covington testaments: Tom McConnell’s account – more complex and nuanced, Nathan Phillips, Nicholas Sandmann, Hebrew Israelites using provocative language, why Left keeps rushing to judgement, desperation to get Trump out of office, CNN focus on MAGA hats as symbol of racism against blacks, legitimate process, free speech limits, standing as an act of aggression, blaming the victim, racists ignored, victim of racism accused of racism, stood his ground, did not accept guilt, no apology necessary, why worthy of being called the ‘mainstream media’, Trudeau’s fake news media campaign, truth doesn’t matter to media, competing narratives, truth just a narrative, driven to incompetence and malice, cognitive test – primacy of consciousness, Plato vs Aristotle, evidence of the senses, applying the Covington test – the primacy of existence

28:35 Competing narratives: Laura Babcock’s view from inside the box, America’s cultural civil war and the MAGA hat symbolism, capturing the racial tension in America, competing narratives instead of truth, public relations and consulting PR company, Left and Right – primacy of consciousness – primacy of existence, racial tension caused by non-whites, Pontius Pilate, holding Sandmann to the higher standard, the bigotry of lowered expectations, no agency, Nathan Phillips emotional status, cognitive dissonance as primacy of consciousness, Today interview contrasts, feelings are subject to reality, the nature of irrationality, irrationality is fully and consciously intentional, incompetence and malice in unison, how to identify credible journalism, infinite fantasy alternatives

47:10 Full context: incompetence and malice, serious news, researching the story, pushing the narrative instead of the story, sleep on it, 24-48 hour news buffer period on Trump stories, Trump Derangement Syndrome via osmosis, conservatives cannibalizing their own, compassionate conservatives, the Left’s success in controlling the narrative, no ‘wing’ on Right, media waging a war and therefore cannot be trusted, never trust mainstream media, include full context, the problem with being white, white represents Western civilization, The Left opposed to civilization – the prohibition of force in human relationships, agreeing to disagree, the right to disagree in a free society, primacy of consciousness and mental dysfunction, the emotional plague

59:42 END