593 – Topics


00:03 Taxing carbon arguments: Doug Ford’s recession prediction, criticisms of Ford’s prediction, a meaningless discussion, Jim Mylonas’ Canadian recession prediction, carbon taxes and recession possibilities, carbon tax shell game, disconnect between economic theory and practice

10:25 The camel’s back: economic arguments against Ford connecting carbon taxes to recession possibilities, economists defending carbon taxes, the immorality of carbon taxes, recession myths, economic assumptions, carbon taxes small relative to economic growth, causes of recessions, economic downturns welcomed, precipitating event vs cause, straw that breaks the camel’s back

33:30 Canadians on the precipice of recession: Ford Derangement Syndrome, Canadian insolvency crisis, interest rates as a cause, long term accumulated debt problem, taxes cost more than basics, Valentin Schmid’s Illusion of Free Trade, free trade contrasted with WTO and GATT trade policies, Donald Trump and tariffs, Trump as an economic nationalist, trade barrier imbalances, unintended consequences

53:50 America’s prosperous future: Donald Trump’s amazing accomplishment – making America great again, Conrad Black on America’s resurgence, ’causes’ of recessions

59:42 END