592 – Topics


00:03 Comparative perspectives: experimenting with short wave, Paul Lambert and VSI International, living in former East Berlin, translation services, Angela Merkel and the German political body, fake German news, childless Left, Brexit attitudes in Germany, suppressed German opinion and news, Christmas market explosion and riots in the street is no news, real news on police scanner

17:15 No time for TV: European Union contrasting attitudes in Germany between Left and Right, conservative originally favor of EU and socialist original opposition to EU today reversed, sovereignty concept, free trade and free immigration are different concepts, taxing TV adventures – from Sweden to Germany, TV license required for TV ownership, collectivist journalism standard, TV tax arrears, TV tax mandatory for all households and employers, car rental companies pay TV tax, taxing excuses, private TV charters to extort taxes, don’t quote me the law as justification for bad law

33:45 Don’t MEN-tion it: sexual schism in Europe, 50s image of men and women and family now rejected, women dependent on state, good men increasingly devalued in Germany, MGTOW (men going their own way) a new trend, inequality of sexes, women dependent on state vote Left, married women vote Right, clash of family values with new immigrant cultures, native European women hooking up with Muslim immigrants, resistance to fixing the problem, Trump subject to mockery not critical assessment, secretive Trump admirerer, Left looking for messiahs

46:50 Short wave with a long reach: VSI International to become VSI Digest, Voice of the Sovereign Individual on short wave, expanding Just Right’s short wave presence, updated stats for Just Right, short wave most cost effective way to reach large audiences, no radio tax in Europe, re-branding as high-frequency radio, short wave receiver sales on steady increase, expansion of short wave transmission towers, short wave community on line, internet sites to pick up short wave radio, German short wave picked up as far away as Australia, Russian internet access, short wave as an alternative to online censorship, Western nations abandoning short wave as totalitarian nations increase short wave presence, Anglo-Saxon viewpoints dependent on private short wave sources

59:42 END