591 – Topics


00:03 Lexicon: back to basics, thinking Right about politics, youtube.com/paulmckeever, Islamic Party of Ontario, Dave Rubin on ‘minarchism,’ anarchism and ‘minarchism,’ communication requires common lexicon, suffixes – cracy – archy, the Lexicon of Government, garbage words – ‘minarchy’ – ‘meritocracy’ – aristocracy – plutocracy – bureaucracy – doing damage to communications, ‘-gate’ suffix, three characteristics of government, executor of power, source of power, scope of power, power is the ability to use force, limited government refers to scope only (12:00 )

15:00 Of the people, by the people, and for the people: suffix of executor -archy (Greek – referring only to LEADER), archos (the one) -archy, oligos (the few) – oligarchy, ploutos (the wealthy) plutarchy, an (without/none) anarchy, SUFFIX OF SOUCE: power – kratis – democracy, autos (self) autocracy, ‘Trumpcracy’ and ‘idiotcracy,’ theocracy, theos (god), a theo kratis means power from god, ethics guides the power, divine right of kings a theocracy, theocracy is unlimited power, democracy, demos (people) kratis or democracy, PREFIX OF SCOPE: autocracy, theocracy, democratic scope limited by the nature of human beings, what is the right ethical code for human beings, two codes: egoistic and altruistic, rationality is about living as a human being – not about dying, altruism allows governments to force people to sacrifice themselves (15:44)

32:15 It is right to use force – justly: individual rights mean having a right to use force in defence of life liberty property, the right to self defence, democracy and republic not mutually exclusive, republic is executive, democracy is source, republic from Latin not Greek, thing of the public (res publica), democracy is not majority rule, elections a process, democracy a source, ‘minarchy’, meritocracy, bureaucracy, meritorious class (14:54)

45:15 Undemocratic choices: one vote one person one time democracy, elections and votings not democracy, majority rule not democracy, democracy denotes only source, votes and term limits denote evidence of democracy, corporations as democracies, Islamist Party of Ontario and Christian Heritage Party are theocratic, supremacy of god, democratic means for theocratic ends, the freedom issue, no freedom without responsibility, no responsibility without freedom, democracy and freedom the only things compatible with rational government, democracy a means of defending freedom (12:54)

59:42 END