587 – Topics


00:03 Global governance: Dec 10 signing in Morocco of the UNITED NATIONS Global Compact for Migration, Agenda 2030 signed in 2015, ‘safe orderly and regular migration’ part of larger effort towards global governance, incremental imposition of global governance, top down direction, history of developmental assistance programs, theory of world federation, League of Nations a consequence of WWI, globalism being led by powerful influential elite, how to reduce incidence of war, United Nations Charter to maintain international peace, architectural design of the United Nations has some credit to work for peace and security by global governance, United States – Britian – France – Russia – China veto power on war and peace

13:20 Empire builders: Global Compact on migration, rise of nation states, colossal failure of states to provide good governance, a competitive history of developmental assistance – Soviet style and Western style, both approaches were repeated failures, success stories created by self initiative, with economic development culture is upstream and politics and economics is downstream, the narrative cosmology, a trial and error cultural process – not planned, priority not infrastructure but end poverty and hunger, from empire to nation to empire

29:20 One world cosmology: planned culture, 2030 Agenda is cumulative plan of demonstrated failure, poverty creating programs, Trudeau as cultural relativist, one world cosmology – the mindset of the planners, nation states, hunger and famine, declining famines, giving up national sovereignty, global south failed to develop, false development premise and promise

45:35 Propaganda plan: implementing the Compact for Migration, initiating the propaganda campaign, buying the Canadian media with tax dollars, outbreaks of international mass demonstrations over climate change, carbon tax, immigration, terrorism, end of national identities in Europe, planned population capacities, growing discontent and restlessness, people and elected have profound disconnect, Charles de Gaulle’s resignation

59:42 END