586 – Topics


00:03 Danielle’s story: Danielle’s clinical death and recovery, Danielle’s story as told to her, no memory of events, diagnosis for pneumonia, snow day luck, ambulance attendants, three cardiac arrests, no expectation of survival, septic shock, critical condition, still in recovery, periods of delirium, reality and unreality, kidney failure, March recovery, University Hospital to Parkwood Hospital, thirst, missed holidays and events, back home March 29

13:35 Bob’s story: one year ago, asked to come to hospital, going into shock, family gathering, no news was good news, negative expectations, changing habits, children’s birthday party, mummy is sick, Ken Eastwood and Lisa Brandt’s stories about Sepsis, when it rains it pours, other family and friend deaths, don’t worry, Robert’s hospital visit, high technology in ICU, multi organ system failure, brain function present, efficient hospital service, dying to get into the hospital, first responders event, 11% survival rate, dedication of emergency response team

30:30 When it rains: one year later, too close for comfort, traumatic experience for others, family support, reacting to crisis, the launch of the Danielle Metz Show, office shut down, Ontario election, loss of memory, ceasing to exist, no light, home surreal, alternate self, awareness of delirium, interviewing dying patients, keeping mind active, Robert’s surgical transportation in time, disorientation

45:00 The show must go on: death’s punctuation, unexpected devaluation of a life easily lost, frailty of life, the meaning of life, more to life than existence, getting focused in crisis, joy is consequence of effort, will to live, the dangers of sepsis and septic shock

59:42 END