585 – Topics


00:03 Rand formula: altruism and irrationality, Ayn Rand ignored by right wing, morality of altruism, beneficiary criteria of morality, mental illness and dysfunction, altruism not charity but activism

17:50 Belief in belief: primacy of consciousness, primacy of existence, Peter Boghossian’s grievance study project, moral mind and rational mind, the metaphysical, the metaphysically given and necessity, mental health, movie – Candy (1968)

39:42 Candy syndrome: Gad Saad on campus irrationality, Candy on campus irrationality, fetish metaphor, moral status of altruism’s beneficiaries, Ayn Rand’s stories and philosophy

49:50 In the abstract: the irrational Left, refusal to debate, individual responsibility, moral agent, individual rights, abstraction as the means of thinking, the importance of stories, Aristotle on history and fiction, authority’s hatred of reason

59:42 END