576 – Topics


00:03 Our godless morality: the standard of morality, philosophical hierarchy, existence and causality, axiomatic concepts, infinite regress, cause and human actions, consciousness and identity, feedback, proof, contradictions, metaphysically given, existence exists

16:20 Authority: compelling interests, disturbing pragmatism, morality and religion, religions as representations of values, free will and choice, deference to authority, no proof of free will, determinism – metaphysical and human, the nature of consciousness

38:48 Infinite debate: infinite regress, no first cause, no such thing as ‘nothing’, contradiction of non-existence, observer effect, zero and non-existence, intelligent design, purpose and satisfaction

49:32 Proof: basic structure of philosophy, five branches of philosophy – metaphysics – epistemology – ethics – politics – esthetics, representation of personal experience, religious stories belong in the field of esthetics, proof of existence – of anything – not possible, proof an epistemological, evidence of the senses, proof must be subject to disproof

59:42 END