575 – Topics


00:03 Religion for the weak and ignorant: freedom of choice and morality, morality without God, Benjamin Franklin’s 1757 letter, morality and philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, code of ethics, moral reasoning

19:15 Chemical reaction: determinism and free will, Owen Benjamin’s leap of faith, axiomatic concepts, proof of God, free will, atheism

34:18 Scientifically religious: free speech, conditions of freedom, existence and non-existence, Carl Gustav Jung, collective unconscious, Jordan Peterson’s Darwinian reality

46:40 Moral forces: morality without God, Frank Skiff Jannotta, M M Mangasarian, religion and morality, forces of morality, Leonard Peikoff on the standard of moral value, volitional animal, science and morality, inversion of morality, atheism

59:42 END