568 – Topics

00:03 Bully for you: NAFTA and Canada’s trade crisis, bi-lateral negotiations under way, Canadian media missing story, 2019 Canadian election is Canada’s trade issue, Canada not at the table, G7 represents breaking point between Trump and Trudeau, Trump’s total free trade stand rebuked by Canada, supply management defended, Trudeau accuses Trump of ‘bullying’, Canada’s free trade hypocrisy an electoral strategy, David and Goliath scenario, Canada’s Pravda media, Canada’s free trade irony

15:50 Free trade hypocrisy: history of Canada’s free trade controversy, bully charges characteristic of Marxism, contradictory Leftist criticism of trade, Paris Climate Agreement, inclusion of Leftist social agendas in trade negotiations, Mexico’s socialist government ready to trade with US, when Irish eyes were smiling, Mulroney as Laurier in 1988, Canada dependent on US trade, US not dependent on Canadian trade, Mulroney on anti-Trump tirade, Europe and the Economic Union falling in line with Trump

33:00 Canada’s perpetual identity crisis: Canada’s Euro-centric trade alignment, Europe changing alignment back to America, determining Canada’s identity and destiny, Canada’s identity – European or American, Canada’s World War connections to Europe, distancing Canada from America’s Viet Nam war years, New World Order now old, Europe an untrustworthy trading partner

45:50 Trade shift – from Globalism to Nationalism: trading from position of independent self-interest, dangers within trading blocs, Trump’s America first policy puts other countries in position of self-interest, Thatcher’s bloc position surfaces in Brexit vote, trade regulations to be determined by nations – not UN, Trump and Putin on national interests, dealing with the enemy, Trump carries the big stick in trade, free trade betrayed by mercantilism, trite and Pravda-like media obscuring facts, finding the win-win proposition

59:42 END