560 – Topics


00:03 Majority mandate – for socialism: Ontario election results, different politicians same government, mandate getting rid of Wynne, voter views of parties, clutching victory from the jaws of victory, in the cards, base pandering, cut taxes – increase spending – balance budget, Ford’s belief in man-made global warming, progressive, Ford as the protest vote, philosophical danger, proportional representation, proletariat party, maybe politics doesn’t interest them, making every vote count, losing votes count too, women voting

14:45 Woman’s work: women in politics, women voting, running as a woman, NDP the racialized party, vilification of Andrew Lawton, communist by nature, from dependence to inter-dependence, social concepts about society, parents as authoritarians, individual responsibility, racism, identity politics, voting in or out, dogmatic issues, balancing act – tomorrow, effective action – effective at getting elected, elections and power, voting mechanism

31:00 On the menu: voter menus, voting for the lesser or greater of, politicians actually do listen to the people, trees everywhere, voting is the end process, voting irrelevant without real choice, voting vs political activity for change, no losing votes – participating sends the message, protest through political parties,

45:10 Ford’s positive platform planks: buck a beer, efficiency is in the eye of the beholder, balancing the budget, baby steps towards the Right, tax cuts are Left or Right, injection sites no answer to problem, carbon taxes, corner store beer and wine, no challenge to alcohol monopoly, political subsidies to political parties, banning cell phones in the classroom, classroom discipline and education, gender politics, public sector unions, fear mongering, blank platform,

59:42 END