552 – Topics


00:03 Left Facebook: from Facebook to China, Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before US senate, Russian connections, Facebook’s responsibilities, Facebook’s political connections, Facebook’s natural Left lean, excluding the Right from the conversation, the monopoly question, conditions of service, using Facebook for political purposes, a level playing field

16:20 Size matters: market forces and political forces, Diamond and Silk, Facebook contract terms, state intervention in media monopolies, market influences – large and small, remedy may be worse than problem, unsafe at any social platform, keeping the channels open for many voices, democratic demand for media regulation, Apple in China

32:25 China’s unfair trade deal: getting China to open its markets, America’s open market, trade surplus and trade deficit, free trade – fair trade – balanced trade, balance of trade, the free trade argument – two sides of the border, supply management in Canada, China is the world’s 2nd largest economy, China’s trade wars, mercantilism, adjusting the Chinese market, re-uniting free and fair trade

47:15 Comparative disadvantages: illusions of free trade, the unlevel trading field, market manipulation, idea manipulation, NAFTA loophole, comparative advantage, government suspect, free trade epistemology

59:42 END