551 – Topics


00:03 Still negative on affirmative consent: mainstream TV’s consent problem, the missing ‘checking in’ factor – affirmative consent, ‘nuances’ of consent, the sexualized world of Dracula, imbalance of power, monsters and zombies, Superman and Lois Lane

12:20 Consent – principle and condition: consent as a social concept, the principle of consent, conditions of consent, affirmative consent as an anti-concept

21:40 Blinded by science: the undefined concept of indigenous knowledge, scientific knowledge deemed offensive, making indigenous knowledge mandatory, Trudeau’s rights based approach to indigenous affairs, indigenous rights are not individual rights, the definition and nature of knowledge

37:05 The trials of Bill Cosby: re-trial of Bill Cosby, #metoo and Women’s Lives Matter, moral outrage and virtue signaling against Cosby, death of Cosby’s daughter Ensa, Cosby’s on-going family support, the politicization of justice, Andrea Constad’s plans to make false accusations, Cosby’s court victory against Kathrine McKee, issues at stake in the current trial

59:42 END