550 – Topics


00:03 Personality polarization: Andrew Lawton’s departure from CFPLam980 radio, corporate restructuring in radio, facebook.com/andrewlatonmedia, personality polarization, unnatural isolation from discourse, polarized comparison of social media platforms, North American media climate, media in denial, willful and ignorant silos of separation, Left and Right ideas vs Left and Right identities

12:50 Our political Tower of Babel: political labels as an impediment, labels serve a practical and convenient purpose, parties have singular winning purpose, prohibition of free speech destroys rational discussion, campus culture of shutting down debates, tolerating intolerance, the safety valve – censorship’s rationalization, censorables, free speech as a pejorative label, free speech about white privilege, free speech caters to the right, free speech no longer a virtue, The Left and Right’s Tower of Babel, ideas and ideologues, Lindsay Shepherd’s rejection of being a Leftist, failure to prioritize issues on the Left, the Left’s false free speech calling card, free speech is only a value to the Right, the Left in opposition to life liberty property,

30:15 Unpacking the ideas Trudeau’s insidious destruction of free speech, Canada Summer Jobs Program, restricting job support from groups who don’t personally support abortion, the Liberal Party ideological purity test, just for himself not against you, force is what is governed, abandoning known and tested principles, common ground deal breakers, normalization of ideas, Suzuki vs Rushton, unpacking an idea, the Left’s dismissal of intent in speech, micro aggressions, witness to micro-aggression

46:30 Entitlement culture: Jordan Peterson’s call for rules responsibility and structure, no conflict between rules and freedom, no public distinction made between government acting or individuals acting, no freedom without structure, Left and Right views of freedom, freedom from responsibility, freedom as responsibility, reconciling rules and order with religious beliefs, God and the supreme being, negative rights, entitlement culture, the myth of Margaret Mead’s sexually liberated island, embracing the ideas and not the people, limits to tolerance of certain people, ideal is tolerance with limits

59:42 END