541 – Topics


00:03 The two Americas: Trump Derangement Syndrome continues, leftist media derangements on Trump, The Two Solitudes, the two Americas, the two Trumps, Trump baiting leftist journalists, Trump making America great again, polarizing America, changing media cultures and technologies, rise of the alternative media, alternative media’s advancement over mainstream media, the sh*thole controversy, Democratic agenda of changing American culture via immigration

17:55 Sh*thole ideologies: playing the race card on immigration, sh*thole economies are Leftist economies, corruption and tribalism lead to a sh*thole state, social and economic indexes are the measure of sh*thole countries, the Calcutta experience, insulting those living in sh*thole countries, toilet day in India, Trump speaking for Americans

28:50 Unraveling the truth: Joe diGenova on the myth of Trump’s Russian collusion, the irony of the Leftist media, exposing the conspiracy launched by Obama administration, Hillary Clinton’s electoral expectations dashed by Trump

45:00 Competing cultures: America’s institutions opposed to Trump, American voters in support of Trump, statism in America’s establishment, shadow banning by Twitter, America’s history of division, the computer age creating a transformation of America, globalism – the fiction of a world without borders, the false right to immigrate to America, abstract ideas are given form in the nation state, freedom inside and outside America, third world as euphemism for sh*thole conditions, immigration debate is an exclusively Western phenomenon, globalism under freedom vs globalism under collectivism

59:42 END