536 – Topics


00:03 Cautionary tale: pitfalls of a music career, a personal warning to musicians, John Lennon, life will interfere with music career, audio book, changes in the music industry, motivations and risks, expectations of failure

15:25 Personal notes: Scott’s story, benefits and costs, sharing similar goals with band members, personality clashes, band image, audience reactions, stage confidence, where to start, keyboards, sequencing tracks, marketing risks

32:20 Success stories: the audio book, chronological experience, guest speakers who have experienced success, sacrifices and payoffs, making money and losing money,

49:15 Up against the Brick Wall: being your own obstacle, dependence on others for support, not a job but a life, a lonely lifestyle, emotional highs and lows, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, depression, mental issues, hitting the brick wall

59:42 END