534 – Topics


00:03 Policy parallels: unaccountable complaint process in Ontario colleges, Dave Plumb’s ‘Lindsay Shepherd’ experience, Fanshawe College educational experience, subjective grading standards in college course, Dave’s side of the story, Success Advisors at Fanshawe College, student vendetta, inability to address anonymous complaint, slander and libel through complaint process, no investigation process, assumption of guilt

20:15 Systemic violations of justice: won’t go back to college, Ontario government responsible for hostile environment on campuses, lowering the threshold on harassment definitions, complaint validity, legislated investigation process, destroying the work environment, no right to face accuser, accusers protected from consequences, hearings avoided due to cost, corrupt investigation system, no objective standards, defamation process advocated by the Left, prioritizing feelings over reality

33:55 Intentions and effects: public accusations of libel and slander, Bill Cosby’s experience, impossible to comply with subjective laws, truth no defence in Danish court, truth is on the side of reality, whose feelings count, morally unjust and perverted employment process, dishonesty and evil rewarded under current system, surviving the mob, motives behind the Left’s intentions, false complaints are now the norm and the majority

46:45 Whose feelings count? only feelings of the Left are valid, feelings of the Right are invalid, the need of the Left for unanimous consensus, the lie only works if we all agree, a single voice can expose the truth, primacy of consciousness versus the primacy of existence, competing interests, lying to preserve an institution of truth, fables being taught in learning institutions, paving the path to might is right, Ontario’s recent college strike, audio or visual recording strongly recommended as means of self defence

59:42 END