530 – Topics


00:03 No choice for feminists: Megan Walker against prostitution, feminism’s contradictory arguments, the no choice argument, murder of Josie Glenn, publication ban on evidence, Safe Space London vs Megan Walker, Walker’s campaign against Bill Cosby

11:10 Dismissing consent: feminism’s malevolent view of life, intolerance of differing views, using prostitution as weapon against sex and men, domestic violence, violent sex vs consensual sex, inherent violence, exploiting the vulnerable, indigenous targets, men as the targets of law, Marxist arguments against prostitution, rejecting individual empowerment, collectivists against sex, the two sides of feminism, the privileged few, threatening sex workers with bureaucracy, nature as the oppressor of women

31:50 Freedom’s immigration dilemma: Objectivist debate on immigration, Yaron Brook and Paul McKeever, open immigration vs controlled immigration, United States and Canada becoming less and less free, ideological beliefs as justification for immigration ban, calcified thinking, free will vs determinism, playing the immigration percentages, freedom of religion as a weapon against freedom, democracy more than just voting

50:55 Grammar fascism: logical fallacies in the immigration debate, arguments of intimidation, context dropping, fear of engaging in the public debate, fighting the definition game, proper forums for political debates, changing standards of journalism

59:42 END