529 – Topics


00:03 Hugh Hefner and the Playboy legacy: significance of Hugh Hefner’s passing on Sept 27, Muslims and sex, humanity is the world of sex, relationship of sex to art religion poetry, the Christian dilemma about sex, repressed sex leads to neurosis, Hefner as a dominant cultural icon, Playboy’s sexual attitude and philosophy, Playboy’s Ayn Rand interview, Hefner’s legacy in context, celebration of the female form, Kama Sutra, Western vs Eastern sexual perspectives, Hefner and Playboy as a unique American phenomenon, sex is about pleasure, rules for sex,

17:40 Sophistication and the art of seduction: Hefner as liberator and oppressor, a man of his time, America’s history of sexual censorship, the European influence on sexual attitudes in America, sophistication and seduction, Playboy as celebration of female form, Playboy as the ideal classic liberal publication, Ayn Rand’s expression of classic liberalism and individualism

31:50 Unnatural selections: Puritanism as unnatural, Christian culture, contrasting sexual beliefs and cultures, sinful sex, Playboy as seduction’s rule book, gender not natural, sex is natural, physical and mental pleasure, pornography is in the mind – not in the eye, establish standards of beauty, pornography as reality, primordial sex drive, Hefner challenging the courts for freedom of speech, controversial sex education, the protection of children and the age of consent

46:45 Shifting sexual boundaries: breaking and setting sexual limits, new technologies, Ontario’s sex education controversies, bringing the sex discussion to the public, paradoxical trends, centerfold unveils the mystery, burqa and niqab represent denial of sex, sex play and the art of seduction, beauty is more than objectification, feminists working to inhibit sex, flirtation reduced to harassment, back to Puritanical age

59:42 END