524 – Topics


00:03 Freedom’s Foundation: freedom of speech under attack, intent of Canada’s Motion 103 (M 103), Islamophobia, systemic racism, fear of racist accusations, Conservatives beyond cowardice, no free speech in Canada – only regulated speech, only United States has free speech rights, manufacturing fear, no free speech on campuses, fundamental principles of free speech never discussed, harm principle – effect on the other

15:50 Systemic Silence: systemic racism does exist – in elected politicians, racism’s Leftist origins, just a monologue – no dialogue, progressive agendas, post WW2 phenomenon, taboo topics prohibited, speech is hate speech, associative thinking, freedom is only for individuals, the good society, Ernst Zundel set a precedent, Islamist activists use same precedent to limit speech, closing the debate on both history and current events, Jimmy Carter’s denunciation of Salman Rushdie, preventing the debate among Muslims, first silence the non-Muslims – then silence the Muslims

30:25 Sacred principle: Ernst Zundel’s imprisonment in Canada and Germany, sacred beliefs in a free speech setting, secular values, freedom is indivisible, no sacred prophet in the Koran, Liberal politicians as theologians of Islam, the principle of equality, post-1945 trends, Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s introduction of multi-culturalism, equal cultures – not equal individuals, implementing philosophical abstractions, imperfect human beings, no exceptions to equality principle, explosion of regulations have limited freedom of speech, helpless when majority supports censorship

45:10 ANTI First Amendment: constitution as a limit on government – not individuals, importance of Bill of Rights, people pushing for government intervention, free speech contradictions, denying holocaust denial, multiculturalism as the root of the problem, from closed immigration to open immigration policies, values must be taught – not assumed, from a country of individuals to a country of immigrant groups, free speech restricted by group rights, open immigration as an electoral strategy for Leftist politics, old left-new left, Canadian immigration was never debated in parliament, ANTIFA = anti-First Amendment

59:42 END