519 – Topics


00:03 Dunkirk – a beached story: Dunkirk – the movie – the reality – the metaphor, context dropping – intentional or unintentional, bleaching out history, metaphor of where the West is headed, generations without history, living in the moment, political elite whitewashing history, contesting history, the other war stories

15:20 History’s wilful destruction: Charlottesville, Virginia violence, statue of Robert E Lee, history’s losing sides, Lee a war hero opposed to slavery, commemorating heroism of the South, symbolism of statues, true historians never make exceptions, amnesia of the moment, Alzheimer’s disease, political Alzheimer’s disease, living in the moment is falling apart, protection of free speech, left wing thugs, media misrepresenting Trump, defining the alt-right, suppressed facts about Charlottesville, Trump’s defense of history, living in the moment destroys capacity for context, fake news flourishes when living in the moment, American media as propaganda machine, progressive politics in full play, why Trump is still winning

29:40 Grand Wizards of the Left: Germany’s history with Antifa, “by any means necessary”, today’s debate same as Germany in 1932, America’s fascists and communists in full view, the closing of minds by living in the moment, the big lie about Left and Right, inhumanity of the Left, Germans and Russians the same in WW2, America’s Democrats falsely place fascism on the Right, different means to same tyrannical ends, Claudia Jones exiled from America, the Left’s triple oppression – classism – racism – sexism, Quebec’s immigration crisis, Antifa thugs in Canada, racism’s Left wing origins in America, Ku Klux Klan’s 4 million Democratic members

45:29 Rebellion against the Rebel: meltdown of the Rebel Media, Brian Lilley’s unprincipled departure from the Rebel, IYI – intellectuals yet idiots, media failure to defend a culture of freedom, thinking through the color of their skin, Ezra Levant and the Western Standard, violence replacing discourse in America, freedom of speech denied only to the Right, Andrew Sheer and Patrick Brown’s unprincipled vows against freedom of speech, conserving history, Faith Goldy’s appearance in Charlottesville, immigration and Islamism, media’s ignoring the Left’s continual violence, Bernie Sanders honeymoon with and in the Soviet Union.

59:42 END