518 – Topics


00:03 Principled Polarization: Ontario’s fascist drift, feedback on fecal matter, the closed mind of the left, populism, political and economic predictions, government-business-academia political cartel, centralized planning, political censorship, no dialogue without two sides, the necessity of intellectual polarization, projecting the future

18:35 Future projections: Success and failure – left and right, feedback, capitalism and left and right, Western culture’s dismal future

27:40 Just Left: justice, social justice, alt-right, Brian Lilley on leaving REBEL MEDIA. Charlottesville sheds a light on left and right, Ezra Levant’s misreading of alt-right

41:35 The Unprincipled Center: Immanuel Kant, Ayn Rand on Kant, Scott Taylor’s extremely wrong commentary, the imaginary political center, why politicians must lie when appealing to the center, polarized politics is honest politics

59:42 END