516 – Topics


00:03 Sick Obamacare: Republican failure to repeal Obamacare, state health care schemes – socialist or fascist, America’s Obamacare vs Ontario’s OHIP, America’s fascist health care policy vs Ontario’s fascist health care policy, pyramid health care schemes – from something for nothing to nothing for something

11:00 Psychopathic media: the media’s continuing Trump Derangement Syndrome, R Michael Warren’s psychopathic editorial about Donald Trump, Dr Keith Abelow’s rational editorial about Donald Trump

22:56 Bill Cosby – the arrest of the story: popular misconceptions about Bill Cosby and his accusers, complexities of each case, guilt in the court of public opinion, systemic injustice against Cosby,

48:00 Intentional omissions of truth: Camille Cosby’s measured and focused description of the media and court process, Cosby under attack by Left, facts vs truth, feminist agenda – affirmative consent

59:42 END