515 – Topics


00:03 Ontario’s fascist legislature: Ontario bans political freedom of association, Ontario’s Bill 2, media indifferent to fascism, forced party contributions now law in Ontario, Elections Ontario freedom of association prohibitions, Ontario’s criminalization of private political participation and action

18:55 Minimum thinking – but not about minimum wage: minimum wage legislation, forced minimum wage increase, Ontario labour minister Kevin Flynn, Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown, Liberals and PCs both on the left, minimum wage hike about wealth redistribution, how minimum wage laws cause poverty, Ontario’s growing poverty rate, Patrick Brown’s overt support for minimum wage increase, minimum wage laws are fascist

32:50 Listening Left – Hearing Right: no middle of the road, just opinion – or objective truth, Lorrie Goldstein, climate change politics, de-industrialization of Canada, political lies and truths, more than a tax grab, the left’s war against capitalism, Tim Ball on climate politics

51:40 Patrick Brown-Liberal tool: Patrick Brown’s continuing support of Liberal fascism, legislation as prohibition, fascism – power for power’s sake, Ontario not a free democracy

59:42 END