507 – Topics


00:03 Study in contrast – Obama and Trump: US president Donald Trump’s first international trip, Riyadh to Tel Aviv to Rome to Brussels to Sicily, significant symbolic meanings, Trump’s contrast against Obama, male-dominated culture, Trump’s agenda, the error of nation building, no media reports of the destruction of ISIS

15:15 Trump means business: common enemies among enemies, radical Islam and terrorism, Saudi Arabia is ground zero of radical Islamism, Osama bin Laden, Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany, Britain and America’s role in nurturing Islamo-fascism, Saudi kingdom at stake, immigration, behind the smiles, Obama’s colonialist myths, Trump means business – no intellectual masturbation, the war against ISIS

34:05 ISIS pulls the trigger in Manchester: no coincidence – Manchester and Trump’s war on ISIS, ISIS on the run, soft targets of terrorism, London England’s mayor – the new abnormal, terrorist networks and policing, no countermeasures against Islamization of the West, political correctness and multiculturalism, future threats, new converts to Islam, historical guilt as impediment to action, Justin Trudeau – child of multiculturalism

46:05 Final equation = individual freedom: moral relativism, individual rights, tribal cultures, un-demonizing Islam and Muslims, India as a Muslim country, Muslims fighting Islamists, the lesser of evils, avenues of action for Canadians and Americans, holding our own leaders accountable, Tommy Robinson, appeasement policies in the West, speaking as a Muslim, separating religion from politics, proud Canadian, Canada diminished by multiculturalism, attack upon church schools in Canada, the one equation – individual freedom, the ‘we’ precedes the ‘I’, liberating the individual within the collective, individual as the dynamic of change, Islam as abstraction, symbols of history and civilization

59:42 END