506 – Topics


00:03 My name is Sandra Solomon: no group affiliations, born a Palestinian – raised in Saudi Arabia, living under Sharia law, refusal to submit, family death threats, Islamic teaching promoted violence, women not allowed to question, Sharia law, forced marriage, escape to Canada

13:10 imModerate Muslim: Justin Trudeau’s Islamization plans, rapid cultural change in Canada, Peel school district board Islamization, dehumanized ideology, moderate Muslims, Islamization via religious accomodation in schools, secular nation, growing up under Sharia law, religious studies, age of reason, freedom to question, keeping Islam out of public schools

28:00 Crusade – across Canada: discovering Sandra Solomon, courage and bravery on Bill M-103, confronting Justin Trudeau, Jihadi Justin, liberals – left – right, support base on the right, defending Western civilization, Tommy Robinson’s dilemma in U.K., arrest in Caledonia, CANACE, court challenges, citizen resistance and feedback, good police – bad police, upcoming cross-Canada tour, stand up for freedom, Facebook shut downs, critical of Islam – not Muslims, militant mindset

41:25 Tribalism 1400 Years Ago – and today: Islam is politics – religious practises originate elsewhere, story of Mohammed, associating with bandits thugs and criminals, tribalism and political conflicts, building an army for jihad, submission to Sharia law, establishing the Islamic State, abrogatting the peace promise, the true Muslims, tribalism as the problem, Islam and Westernization in co-existence, Mecca’s multiculturalism, warning of the dangers of Islam

59:42 END