503 – Topics


00:03 Female attraction: objectification culture, challenging standards of beauty, sex as a commodity, anti-male attitudes, female fashion statements, beauty secret, beauty and the royals, beauty and money, feminism vs men

17:05 Feminist repulsion: Megan Walker – abolitionist, Canada’s sexist prostitution laws, a paradigm shift to injustice, women’s capacity for choice, disproportionality, sexual exploitation, the money motivator, prostitute police, differing rights and legal status, sex work gender issues, no rights for men

32:50 Political climax: the left’s political discourse on gender, political environment of sexual politics, Dr Jordan Peterson at McMaster University, freedom of speech, protest as free speech, the left’s seething hatred of free speech – debate – and rights

46:20 “Just follow the money” shot: Jordan Peterson at Western University, differences between men and women, political spectrum – left-right-center, false facts as law, racism, sexism, collectivism, source of hate and discrimination, something for nothing, all about the money, war of the sexes is about left vs right

59:42 END