499 – Topics


00:03 Never be Russian to conclusions: delegitimizing Donald Trump’s presidency, fake news about Trump-Russian collusion, beginning investigations into Democratic Party, DNC computer hacks, the hidden story behind the smear campaign against Trump, Hillary Clinton’s lost 30,000 e-mails, FBI confirmation that Clinton comitted felony – but without intent, Hillary Clinton’s documented Russian connections, culpability of Clinton and DNC, failure to indict

15:15 Tapping into the Russian connections: the DNC’s changing narrative on election night, Democratic election loss in the face of invested expectations, Clinton Foundation – pay to play cash, Obama’s surveillance of Trump campaign, connecting Trump to Russians, proof of anonymous sources, Michael Flynn as the first victim unmasked by Susan Rice, Trump’s brilliant tweet strategy

28:15 Obamagateway to Russia: no news is fake news, media’s collective amnesia, media as arm of progressives, Obamagate on the horizon, Watergate parallels, Evelyn Farkas as the ‘John Dean’ of Obama’s surveillance scandal, no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump, Russia’s historical record of infiltrartion in the US government, Soviet Union collapse, progressives in collusion with Russia, Moscow-Washington reset button

46:10 Russian into a new relationship: American-Russian relationship and future cooperation, current domestic protests and uprisings in Russia, Putin’s popularity, Russia as America’s adversary, Russia as a failed state, undermining of nation states and national sovereignty, the game of nation states

59:42 END