497 – Topics


00:03 Islam’s appeasers: Bill C-16 on gender identity, M-103 on Islamophobia, Ontario’s motion on Islamophobia, laws and motions, Tom Mulcair’s two motions, refusal to define Islamophobia, silencing the debate about Islam

14:35 Bullets or ballots: reasons for definition refusal, phobias, establishment’s fear of Islam, Westernized religions, Sharia law vs man-made law, appeasement and refusal to judge, history’s lessons on appeasement, potential for evil, bullets and ballots, media blindness, not just a religion, Muslim vs Muslim

32:45 Unconditional love: Islam is peace, epistemological vacuum, love as emotion, love as a value, unconditional love, Kindergarten politics, emotional morality, rational morality, the left’s philosophy of destruction, destruction reflected in politics and art, any collective will do, not symbolic

46:20 Praying to the one true Gods: stepping out of the material world, supernatural politics, only a natural world is governable, praying to the one true gods, constitutional monarchy in Canada, Church of England, supernatural vs natural, immigration as a distraction, blurring distinctions

59:42 END