491 – Topics


00:03 Here come the judge: the continuing Trump derangement syndrome, returning power back to the people, constitutions and rights, nomination of Supreme court judge, nomination of Neil Gorsuch, limited government and freedom philosophy, fear of freedom, administrative state, protectionism vs free trade, reconciling the irreconcilable

17:00 Relativity: judging the judge, concerted effort to de-legitimize Trump, Donald Trump on Putin’s reputation, America’s compromises with killers and murderers

30:30 Sanctuary Cities: circumventing the immigration and refugee laws, virtue signalling, closing sanctuary cities in America, opening sanctuary cities in Canada, unintended consequences, illegal aliens, Statue of Liberty, Saudi Arabia and the seven restricted countries, failed states, a brief history of Iran’s state of war,

45:15 Anglosphere: Theresa May meets Trump, the Anglo-American sphere, Brexit, a changing view of globalism, a return to national sovereignty, differing Western traditions – Britain and Europe, individual rights vs status, Catholic Church as corporate body, Protestant ethic about individualism, Catholicism and totalitarianism, Canada’s philosophical dilemma, adding water to the wine,

59:42 END