490 – Topics


00:03 Climate: A necessary change – climate: motivated to awareness, climate change taxes, political information sources, the necessity of climate change to life, ocean currents a key to life, moon and tides, boiling the ocean

15:30 Political Science vs Science: an uninformed electorate, hydro system not broken, war on climate, education – problem and solution, percentages illusions

30:45 CO2 – A natural occurrence: science manipulated for politics, ozone layer facts and myths, carbon dioxide is naturally occurring, pollution and misguided environmental efforts, acid rain facts and myths, volcanic activity, sulfur

44:35 Overpopulation?: population limits, the necessity of fossil fuel to sustain large populations, volcanic subsidence, capitalism and population stability, planetary carrying capacity, reliance on technology, acknowledging climate change through adaptation, Milankovitch cycles

59:42 END