489 – Topics


00:03 John Adams’ ghosts: Donald Trump Inauguration, media irreverance, America’s royal family, overview of Trump’s inaugural address, a comparison of past inaugural speeches, George Washington’s first inaugural address, John Adams on the influence of foreign powers in elections, John Quincy Adams, dissention and freedom, presidential parallels, darkest speech by Barrack Obama

16:45 Addressing Trump’s Inaugural address: specifics of Trump’s inaugural address, transferring power from government to people, wealth vs wealth creation, business failures and factory closings, Trump’s election as a movement, rejection of globalism, a nation exists to serve its citizens, Trump’s trade issues, America’s world military role, the futility of foreign aid, group think in politics, America first slogan, Buy American is un-American, uniting the civilized world against Islamic terrorism

31:15 Size doesn’t matter: confusion about capitalism, production and consumption, profit and loss, growth and contraction, haves and have-nots, small economies vs large economies, Russia’s tiny economy, Russia’s world military influence, Russia’s nuclear stockpile, economy no measure of power, love of money, Ayn Rand’s legacies, capitalists vs business practices, fascism’s proper definition, fascism’s incomplete popular definitions

42:30 No restraints required: unrestrained capitalism, freedom’s natural restraints against force, allowing people to die, forcing people to die, non-capitalist slave regimes, separating the morality and economics in capitalism, moral dimension of economic trade, black and white definitions, definitions are ‘pure’, morality is black and white, blurring of political and economic models, the distinguishing characteristic of fascism – control of private property and choice, distinguishing characteristics between business people and capitalists, honesty, winning through the discovery of truth

59:42 END