488 – Topics


00:03 For the love of money: love of money as the root of all evil, the anti-capitalism mindset, feedback on freedom and capitalism, capitalism as slavery, the necessity of capitalism – the word and its definition, concept destruction, Communist Manifesto 1848, Marx’s capitalism, monetary value, selling sex for money, exploitation, distinction between what is earned and what is taken by force

19:15 Tyranny of the rich: more feedback on freedom and capitalism, tyranny of the rich, wealth, racism, sexism, conditions of freedom must precede the creation of wealth, production as process, Marxist terminology as nonsense, capital and labor, the test of private property

29:45 Freedom as profanity: fear of freedom, Freedom Party, inter-tribal freedom, ‘but we are free’, intra-tribal freedom, freedom concepts, extra-tribal freedom, ‘but who will build the roads’, individual rights as a social concept, history of collectivism

43:55 Freedom – the unknown ideal: freedom to think speak and act, speech restrictions, discouraging business ventures, personal business experience, carbon taxes as slavery, progressive income taxation

59:42 END