482 – Topics


00:03 War of the words: definitions and reality, Dr Jordan Peterson, political correctness, University of Toronto, personal pronouns, gender identity words, illegal language and words, ominous parallels with Orwellian nightmares, thought control

11:20 Rabbitual behaviour: no new phenomenon, naturally ‘Ms’, Dr Peterson’s suggested reading list, history of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s rabbits, incremental tyranny, Trudeau – like father like son, one party state, understanding what’s at stake, seriousness of the situation, Bill C-16. fear factor, becoming a nation of rabbits

30:45 The truth shall set you free: Ayn Rand’s Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, propositions, words, definitions, truth, reality, conceptualization, accusations of ‘misogynoir’ against Dr Henry Parada, unreality as the objective, reality demands the truth

43:50 Defining point: corruption of the language, inability to articulate, social justice warriors, principled people, taking firm stands on principle, Dr Jordan Peterson, Marc Emery, Sunday shopping prohibitions, the inflexibility of good and evil, truth and falsehood

59:42 END