459 – Topics


00:16 BrExited Right: surprising Brexit results, Britain votes to leave European Union, Queen’s gambit, British exit a victory for democracy and individualism, a brief history of European unity and disunity, UK never welcomed to EU, collectivist culture vs individualist culture, common interests served through free trade, fundamental flaws of the European Union, Nigel Farage speaks to European parliament
17:35 Democracy, democracy, democracy: blueprint to end individual states in the European Union, Britain is armed as European nations are disarmed, Christopher Monckton’s editorial on Brexit, how the EU must repair itself, the EU has already collapsed
27:55 Cannabis culture clash: Toronto police raid cannabis dispensaries, Marc Emery protests by continuing sales of cannabis in defiance of police, public myths about cannabis, fascist solutions to the cannabis problem, becoming freedom oriented, complaint system is unjust
45:35 ill Legalization of cannabis sales: Toronto protesters take principled position, Sunday shopping prohibition and Marc Emery, current legalization plans as cartel monopoly, crony politics, Erin Goodwin arrested, Liberals now the obstacle to legalization 59:42 END