737 – On the battlefields of contradiction in an epistemological war

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Dec 162021

“Epistemology is a science devoted to the discovery of the proper methods of acquiring and validating knowledge. The truth or falsehood of all of man’s conclusions, inferences, thoughts and knowledge rests on the truth or falsehood of his definitions,” correctly observed Ayn Rand so many years ago.

In a very real way, definitions are like the ‘software’ of the mind. Through definitions, the human mind is ‘programmed’ to perceive and understand the world around it. A true understanding of that world requires the use of proper definitions grounded in reality and reason.

This explains why, in today’s Leftist political pandemic crisis, we find ourselves on the fields of contradiction – the epistemological battlefields in an epistemological war – where meanings become meaningless and where facts don’t matter.

Because their ideologies and objectives are built on lies and falsehoods, destroying knowledge of the truth is essential to all dictatorships. Towards this end, contradictions are the most powerful weapon of all despots and tyrannical movements because when forced to use contradictory ideas, the mind becomes incapable of resistance.

We cannot simply deal with contradictions by dismissing or ignoring them. They must be identified and refuted and the only way to do this is by offering proper objective definitions relative to a given contradiction.

The war we are in is very real and freedom itself is at stake. But unlike conventional warfare identified by the use of physical weapons, the weapon that appears to work best in destroying our Western culture is the propaganda of repeated contradiction. This calls for a concerted repetition of the truth by all those able to express it.

To call it a ‘war of words’ is perhaps an over-simplification. But it’s still a pretty good way to describe our current political pandemic in a way that’s Just Right.

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The media on trial in the People’s Court | Salim Mansur

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Dec 152021

Three prominent trial verdicts in the USA have recently demonstrated that the mainstream media are completely disconnected from Mainstreet USA. In all three cases, the media used these court cases as vehicles to push the false narrative that America is systemically racist. In all three trials, jurists chose to set aside the racist narrative of the press and make reasonable decisions based on evidence, facts, and the truth.

The far-Left media, celebrities, and politicians have been rightfully humiliated as jurists found that the facts don’t fit their narratives. Case closed. Court adjourned.

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736 – Trust issues in an age of tyranny | Salim Mansur

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Dec 092021

Our guest Professor Salim Mansur predicts “a very bleak future” thanks to a breakdown of trust in our institutions and to the erosion of trust between individuals.

On the doorstep of a dystopian future that has struck fear into the minds and hearts of millions, the general prognosis is that things will get worse – before they get worse! That is, unless more people become aware of how they are being influenced and controlled by those behind Agenda 21 and the Great Reset.

Perhaps the most successful strategy employed by the powers behind Agenda 21 and the Great Reset is the ‘smart tyranny’ so smartly introduced through the use of smartphones. This technology, instead of bringing people closer together has contributed to the “atomization” of individuals who can then be manipulated by a technocracy determined to control every aspect of human life, suggests Salim.

Thanks to continuous lockdowns, mandated injections and masking, the destruction of our economies and of the currencies that make commerce possible, the fake-news media, and demands that everyone must carry ‘vaccine passports,’ the necessary trust upon which free societies are based has all but disappeared. This is no accident, but intentional. Continue reading »

The erosion of trust and the atomization of society | Salim Mansur

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Dec 032021

“I fear we are becoming a society of atomized individuals,” says Professor Salim Mansur of Western University. “And as atomized individuals, we can then be manipulated whichever way the powers want to manipulate us because we don’t know where we are headed. We don’t trust each other. And that leads to atomization where we exist but we no longer exist as a people related to each other, sharing common values, and upon which then we engage with each other. It means a very bleak future.”

Join us in conversation with Professor Mansur as we discuss the erosion of trust in society, the erosion of Western culture, and the corrupted news media which lies at the heart of our mistrust.

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Dec 022021

As Canada’s province of Ontario prepares for the June 2, 2022 election, many are attempting to ‘politically unite’ behind the single cause of ending the lockdowns and injection mandates. While opposing these measures is a noble objective, it is no path to political unity, power, or freedom.

As if to demonstrate this reality, already a ‘political split’ is occurring among ex-Progressive Conservative politicians and activists opposed to the state-imposed lockdowns and injection mandates. Ontario MPP Randy Hillier has announced his intention to form a provincial party to be called ‘Ontario First’ while Jim and Belinda Karahalios have registered their ‘New Blue Party of Ontario.’

But the real reason that solely opposing the lockdowns and mandates will not lead to electoral victory is not the fault of political parties or candidates, despite their differences and conflicts. The sad reality is that a majority of voters support the lockdowns and mandates – and are willing to sacrifice everyone’s freedom in the process.

For freedom-minded individualists, the reality that most of their fellow citizens do not value individual freedom is unthinkable. But the proof of this reality is the current state of tyranny brought about by the politicians and parties that were voted in by that majority. Continue reading »

734 – Why Freedom Party is Just Right for Ontario | Paul McKeever

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Nov 252021

As advocates of individualism and individual freedom, during the 2021 Canadian federal election we endorsed the People’s Party of Canada under the leadership of Maxime Bernier. Now, with the June 2, 2022 provincial election pending in the province of Ontario, our endorsement goes to the Freedom Party of Ontario under the leadership of Paul McKeever.

Why Freedom Party? To answer that question in a way rarely understood or appreciated, Paul McKeever joins us to discuss many of the persistently pursued, failed, and futile political strategies to which well-intentioned advocates of freedom continually succumb.

For those anxious or desperate to escape a given tyranny of the day, the idea of supporting a new and original political option is immediately dismissed.

Instead, this group is focused on ‘voting against’ the party in power and will generally choose to vote for any other party that appears to have a chance of winning an election. The fact that all of the parties in this electoral position are the same – ideologically and politically – merely offers an option of replacing one tyrant with another. Continue reading »

Nov 182021

Perhaps the most frightening aspect about our current fascist pandemic is the inconvenient truth that a majority supports it. The failure to understand this can lead to unfortunate consequences.

For example, a lot of effort might be wasted in an attempt to bring reason, evidence, and clarity to a significant percentage of people utterly unwilling or incapable of processing the information. In their hypnotic state of denial, they are literally incapable of seeing the tyranny before their very eyes. Even worse, many who attempt to awaken this group blame themselves for the failure to do so, concluding that nothing can be done.

In his November 12 discussion with the legal team of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mattias Desme – who specializes in “mechanisms of mass formation and totalitarian thinking” – estimated that the unreachable ‘hypnotized’ group comprises around 30 percent of the population. Another 40 percent, he suggested, are capable of ‘seeing’ but are afraid to speak out, thus making themselves part of the majority (70 percent) who end up supporting fascist measures. This is the group that, if effectively persuaded, can turn a tyrannical majority into a majority for freedom.

That leaves it up to the remaining 30 percent who can clearly see the tyranny to lead the fight for freedom. But how? As one courageous voice for freedom recently put it: “We can’t wake the sheep. We must wake the lions.”

Understanding the process and psychology of ‘mass formation’ may be the key to developing strategies against tyranny that are Just Right and that can lead us once again in the direction of freedom.

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