Mar 232017

The Scream

Make no mistake: Our Islamophobic politicians are those most responsible for fostering the make-believe phobia against which they are passing “Motions.” The “motions” themselves are cause enough to be rightly concerned. This concern is entirely rational and appropriate. It is in no way “phobic.”

The constant “anti-Islamophobia” rhetoric generated by those in the legislature and in parliament has itself become a great threat. Since our MPPs and MPs appear unwilling to speak out against the very real threat of Islam’s political agenda, they have instead directed their efforts towards motions and agendas calculated to keep informed voices to a minimum, if not entirely silenced.

Fortunately, not every political party or its leader is “Islamophobic.” There is one political party and leader with the courage to publicly say what desperately needs to be said: Freedom Party and its leader Paul McKeever who is our guest today on Just Right. Continue reading »

431 – Guests: Salim Mansur, John Thompson, Paul McKeever on Donald Trump, Muslim immigration, and the requirements of freedom

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Dec 172015

comma period

00:03 Taboo topics: history of Just Right’s suspension, Middle-east “refugees”, Western values under attack, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, immigration ban, political correctness as neo-totalitarianism, immigration history, parallels in history, taboo subjects: immigration – health care – theocracy – anti-capitalism
17:30 It’s a comma. Period. religion vs political ideology, reactions to Donald Trump’s calls to stop Islamic immigration, qualifying remarks, political Islam, the West’s history of banning ideologies, multiculturalism vs immigration, national sovereignty, constitutional rights not abrogated, misquoting Trump
36:10 What freedom requires: destruction of democracy through democratic institutions, history of Muslim brotherhood, the West’s culpability, Christian parallels, not his theocracy-our theocracy, what freedom requires, the left is pro-theocratic, terrorism as a distraction, freedom is responsibility
49:40 A fighting culture – Western civilization: carry both shield and sword, fighting ideologies by breaking them, Westernizing hostile cultures, knowing our own values and traditions, checking bad ideas with good ideas – and weapons
59:42 END

429 – Giving Tuesday back / Religion… literally

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Dec 032015


00:03 Giving Tuesday back: Black Friday, 92nd Street Y, Ted Turner and the United Nations, giving away the farm, the guilt of wealth, spreading capitalism the best gift
16:05 Foreign to aid: Foreign aid’s dilemma, the taking community, proper charity
26:50 Literal fools: the religion of literalism, a real religion, God, existence, religion, supreme being, law of causality, birth of morality, good and evil
40:10 Majority fools: Fall of Roman empire, defining democracy, majority rule, voting, representative government, majority rule, the mathematics of voting, the morality of voting
56:39 END Promo to 59:42

408 – All truisms – from friendship to fellowship / Democracy as fellowship

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Jul 092015

Voyager 314


00:07 All truisms – from friendship to fellowship: Greek debt and referendum, organized thought and philosophy, ancient Greece’s religious secularism, personal philosophy, public philosophy, friendship, fellowship, altruism, European Union as Fellowship, lending and borrowing money, inalienable rights, love and lust
19:50 Compromise or con promise? from friendship to altruism, control and illusion, the compromise of compromise is the good, capitalism as the scapegoat, greed vs greed, predictability of consequences
39:40 Still Greek to Greeks – Democracy as Fellowship: ‘No’ vote in Greek referendum, Greece celebrates as Europe is outraged, Greeks buying euro currency as protection, organized thought in ancient Greece, religious secularism, state and religion
47:11 No-name religion? Angus Reid Internet-panel poll about religion in Canadian politics, Canadian court ban on prayer at public functions, religion vs tradition
58:21 END

407 – It’s all Greek to me

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Jul 022015

Jason and the Argonauts


00:07 It’s all Greek to me – from philosophy to crisis: Greece’s debt default, Greek referendum, issues in bailout deal
14:10 Shared roots, different branches – Europeans and the Greeks: Ancient Greece, discovery of philosophy, slavery, history of Europe’s relationship with Greece, Greece’s options, symbolism of inclusion, psychological issues
27:00 Greece’s unhealthy health care philosophy: Greece as a bad example to the rest of the world, Greek health care crisis, Greek prescription drug crisis, Greek currency crisis, no European recovers, beware of Italy
45:40 The Greek gods – religiously secular: Greek mythology and legends, separation of the heavens and earth, not religion but a story, Jason and the Argonauts (2000), the Greek gods, reason as the weapon to resist the gods
59:51 END

406 – Capitalism or capitalisn’t / Papal perversity

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Jun 252015

Papal Perversity


00:07 Capitalism or capitalisn’t: Glen Pearson’s hatred of capitalism, rich vs poor, poverty, environmental destruction, social equilibrium, real causes of poverty, socialism as the cause of political dysfunction
17:55 Climate changes – politicians don’t: G7 Leaders Summit, battle against global warming, vague carbon targets, a history of the world’s five ice ages, carbon dioxide,
33:45 Papal perversity: Morality as a matter of degree – Celcius: Pope Francis’ hatred of capitalism, pope calls for international tyranny as moral imperative, inadequate conservative responses to pope’s irrationality, a moral case for fossil fuels
46:00 My Goodness! But is it natural? David Brooks on the Road to Character, a need to be good, humility, technology and competitive capitalism, selfishness vs self-centredness, need vs knowledge
57:24 END

403 – Guest: Bosch Fawstin – graphic artist, critic of Islam

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Jun 042015

Muhammed - Bosch Fawstin


00:07 Killing the free speech killers: Garland Texas shootings, American Freedom Defence Initiative, Pamela Geller, Draw Muhammad cartoon contest, what happened in Garland Texas, media gap, contest a great event for freedom of speech
11:45 The savage media: personal report on Garland shootings, surreal experience, contrast – contest vs savages, Western media response, image vs idea, a weak Western world, free speech and truth, media submission to Islam, blaming the victims, Muslim Americans, poisonous ideas, Adolf Hitler – Islam’s favourite infidel, the West’s desperate need to believe that Islam means peace
24:40 Baiting the rat trap: police presence at Garland Texas, gunmen killed may have prevented violence, rat trap with a cartoon, Islam ideology at war with Western world, Saudi funding of radicalization, media avoiding the cartoon, media submission to Islam, West’s response to the conflict, artistic motivation, political motivation, free speech aside, Pamela Geller’s ideology, attacked by terrorists – and media and politicians, moderate Muslims and immoderate lies
41:25 This little piggy went to market: Bosch Fawstin’s journey into art, the pig is forbidden, from Captain America to Pigman, study of Islamism, the Infidel, how to deal with the enemy, when Pigman flies, upcoming 55-page pig-size chapter three, Table for One, recommended reading on Islam, endgame 54:14 END