The Hollywood Gender Dysphoria Hysteria – The Danielle Metz Show 072

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Aug 212019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Actor Mario Lopez was thrown under the bus by the progressives for daring to suggest that maybe 3 year-olds shouldn’t be deciding their own gender.

He immediately apologized and declared that he is going to “better educate” himself.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss the denial of basic reality that pervades the left. And remember: apologies are futile.

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Jun 062019

Miley Cyrus

Canada has had no abortion laws for some 31 years now. When U.S. vice president Mike Pence visited Canada last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a point of raising the abortion issue with him by expressing his concern over women’s access to abortion in certain U.S. states. Many observers thought this inappropriate, given that the purpose of Pence’s visit was to promote the new trade deal between the two countries.

With recent changes to abortion laws in some American jurisdictions, a debate long thought settled is clearly not so. What has become clear after years of abortion’s availability is that it has not cured the social ills it was expected to solve.

A relatively unique characteristic of the abortion debate is that, while the issue has its extremely polarized opponents (who favor a total prohibition of abortion) and proponents (who want free abortions on demand), most people do not find themselves in either of these two camps. For most people, the availability of abortion is acceptable under certain conditions and not acceptable under other conditions.

Where one draws the line on abortion can be an extremely complicated consideration, taking into account many factors beyond the procedure itself. Continue reading »

609 – Socialized health care’s sacred immorality

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May 232019

hospital corridor

In the United States, Medicare costs (along with the cost of health care services generally) continue to rise to unsustainable levels. As patient satisfaction levels decline, many Americans have been led to call for a Canadian-style ‘universal’ health care system. Meanwhile in Canada, and unknown to most Americans, health care waiting lists continue to grow, as more and more Canadians find themselves unable to get the basic care they need.

While each country boasts excellent health care services, broad accessibility to these services has become another matter entirely. Common to both countries are various prohibitions of the provision of medical services on a truly free market, which guarantees cost escalation. As more people find it difficult to afford their basic health care needs, politicians have seized upon the problem they caused by offering them a means to access those services without incurring a direct personal cost – socialized health care.

In the perpetual controversy over socialized health care, confusion reigns supreme, partially due to the varying testimonials of patients within a given system. Some are quite happy with the medical services they receive, while most appear less so. Another reason has to do with the fact that at any given point in time, only a minority of people find themselves forced to experience their health care systems directly, while the vast majority has no direct knowledge of the crisis looming at their doorsteps.
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Feb 212019

police with megaphones

It’s remarkable how many people passionately support government initiatives for reasons demonstrably false and/or contrary to their own declared intentions or objectives.

Today, we examine three issues where this phenomenon prevails. (1) the promotion of gun control as a means of ‘preventing’ injuries and death; (2) the promotion of a ‘single payer’ state run system to ‘prevent’ those in need of medical care from being unable to pay for such care; and (3) the support of ‘Amber Alerts’ as a means of ‘preventing’ tragic outcomes in criminal child abduction cases.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the old saying. But this once reasonable perspective has now been turned into a ‘pathology’ of ‘preventative prescriptions’ that have more to do with creating narratives, than with ‘preventing’ undesirable outcomes.

The latest example occurred last week when an “Amber Alert” was issued in Ontario regarding the abduction of 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar. Police received hundreds of complaints about how the alert was issued, and with good reason. Continue reading »

516 – Intentional omissions of truth

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Aug 032017

Bill Cosby

What do Bill Cosby and Donald Trump have in common? More than you might think.

One thing they have in common is the way in which the “establishment media” has been delivering the narrative on each of these two individuals’ on-going public stories.

The other thing they have in common is that both Trump and Cosby are under attack by the political Left – which is the primary source of their problems.

Regrettably, many members of the Left can be found in Republican circles, as Trump learned when Republican Senator John McCain voted against Trump’s plan to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”
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477 – Obama don’t care / Michael Moore’s sinister mind / Trump’s first five score days

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Nov 032016

Obamacare Toe Tag

OBAMAdon’tCARE – If You’re Sick
Does Donald Trump care?

With an “average” increase of 25% in health care insurance premiums slated for Americans under Obamacare next year (2017), the inconvenient truth about Obama’s government imposed health care “insurance” plan is this: Obamacare was a scheme designed for those who care more about votes than about health.

Back in Canada, the folly of state monopoly health care in the province of Ontario is becoming increasingly visible as more and more Ontarians begin to publicly tell their stories about their personal health care experiences within the state imposed system.

Ontario’s once gold-plated “Ontario Health Insurance Plan” (OHIP) is now dysfunctional and stretched beyond serviceable limits. In Ontario today, OHIP has become “O NO HIP Replacements” for months or years on end.

Donald Trump has called Canada’s single payer health care system “a disaster,” and as Canadians living in the heart of socialized health care country, we regret that we must agree with Mr. Trump on this count. Continue reading »

442 – Only two conditions – capitalism or slavery / Rationalizing rationing

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Mar 032016

White Slave

00:15 Capitalism or slavery: capitalism vs slavery, freedom, savagery, born consumers, demands of production, political drift towards slavery, Thomas Sowell on the reality of slavery’s history
20:15 History’s unique event – the rise of capitalism: capitalism gone off the rails, feedback on capitalism, capitalism as the objective – not a means to something else, capitalists vs capitalism, profits, prices, losses, life without effort, capitalism as the ideal moral condition
43:10 A majority for slavery: voting does change things, getting government to act in the best interest of the people, voting for things you’re against, political parties as the source for change, government as force, the immorality of slavery, the immorality of forced collectivism
52:20 Rationalizing rationing: rationed health care – dead patients, intolerable conditions of Ontario’s socialized hospital care 59:42 END