404 – Guest: Dr. Andrew Bernstein – philosopher, novelist, radical for capitalism

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Jun 112015

Andrew Bernstein


00:07 Ego, ergo no go: resistance to Objectivism, progressive vs progress, making the case for capitalism, dominant moral code of altruism, abysmal record of socialism, confused views of altruism, values of pursuing self-interest
14:30 Philosophy’s course: course of philosophy, absorbing philosophy vs learning philosophy, being overwhelmingly positive through truth, open immigration, welfare state is the problem, moral case against welfare state
38:16 Objectivism’s class act: Atlas Shrugged, putting Ayn Rand’s books into schools, Obamacare, socialized health care, disappearance of independent thinking, legacies of Marxism, moral and economic ignorance, regulating the doctors – and profit, competition required, America is a mixed economy, stimulating demand restricting supply creates high prices
40:45 A war on drug prohibition: a case for ending drug prohibition, ethics of using recreational drugs, supporting a war on drugs without prohibition, transforming the political/legal battle into a moral/philosophical battle, virtues of clean living, lowering the homicide rates, juvenile reactions to legalizing drugs, paradoxical truths
55:25 END

387 – Bode’s flaw / Vacuous notions on vaccinations / Capitalism: the moral system

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Feb 122015

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal


00:07 Astro-logic about life on other worlds: imagining a galaxy teeming with life, Bode’s law, exo-planet systems, habitable planets in the millions, not necessarily earth-like, Bode’s flaws, stable planetary systems, habitable zones around red and yellow dwarf stars, lack of metalicity, the Goldilock’s principle
12:50 Vacuous notions on vaccinations: the anti-vaccine controversy, role of the internet, fears of vaccines as a cause of autism are unfounded, finding conspiracies in the face of contrary evidence, fallibility of science, science is self-skeptical, Kant and Plato, government and medical business
29:15 Capital schisms on capitalism: science and capitalism, conference – Capitalism in today’s society, only one form of capitalism, socialism, the mixed-economy myth, why capitalism is losing the political war against it, Adam Smith and the invisible hand
44:40 Discovery, not invention: Conrad Black’s pragmatic defense of capitalism, concealing capitalism’s definition, socialists in capitalist clothing, discovering capitalism, capitalism is a moral system – not an economic system 56:52 END

Feb 272014



00:07: What’s killing American health care? Guest: Rituparna Basu (Ayn Rand Institute), health care contrasts: Canada and United States, American health insurance, no health care free market in America, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), WWII wage and price controls, tax advantage through employer health insurance, disease killing American health care, single-payer health care, Canadians using American health care system, Canada Health Act, universal health care
13:34: What’s killing Canadian health care? Conservative Party history of socialized medicine in Canada, fear of defending free market health care, individual right to not be his ‘brother’s keeper’, ethics of socialized health care, universal health care vs helping the poor, affording expensive health care, getting real value for your health care dollars, long history of controlling health care in America, fascism or socialism, confusing health care with its financing, socialized medicine ok for ‘health care’ not for sick care
28:12: From socialized medicine to socialism: Canada already socialized, freedom needed to improve health care, stifling innovation through government control, all progress made possible by human minds working to succeed, health care insurance or just free health care?, free market rewards the right behaviours, Americans and Canadians: foreign perceptions of each other’s health care system, a doctor ‘brain drain’?
44:02: Personal pain – Universal sufferage: Tommy Douglas, public resistance to private health care options, United Kingdom’s National Health Service set as Canada’s ideal, suffering together – no dignity in suffering, state rationing in health care 54:51 END

337 – Bitcoin or bitcon? / Society vs the patient / Bread & circuses / Sadder Budweiser

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Feb 132014



02:54 : Bitcoin or bitcon? Bitcoin, Canadian Federal Budget, online currencies, Satoshi Nakamoto, volatility of Bitcoin, to each his own, fiat currencies, money laundering, government control of currencies, inflation
16:34 : Health Scare: No patience with patients Andrew Brannon, Freedom Party of Ontario, health care, the needs of the community vs the needs of patients, hospital planning based on community needs, hospital funding, patients needs are subordinated to political power, endless hospital planning studies, profit and loss, influence by pressure groups like ONA and RNAO, the separation of health care and the state, as your economics is sick so is your health care
34:10 : No bread, just circuses: London’s growing white elephant collection Check your premises – The Monument Builders – Ayn Rand, The Normal School purchase, YMCA, It’s not their money, Performing Arts Centre, Celebration Centre, Grand Theatre, Centennial Hall, opportunity for our elected mis-representatives, population threshold for the arts
51:25 : Sadder, Budweiser Budweiser Gardens a failure not a success, JLC, Orlando Zamprognia said it all before, perpetual debt on white elephants, clash of visions 57:09 : End

336 – Guest: Paul McKeever – Freedom Party’s Opposition Budget / Minimum wages

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Feb 062014

Freedom Party Opposition Budget


00:07 : Logan’s Runaway from balancing the budget Guest: Paul McKeever – Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s budget, Drummond Report, Balancing the Ontario Budget, end of life care, lethal injections to balance the budget, Tim Hudak chimes in
16:34 : Budging the budgetary elephant: health care’s share OHIP – competition and choice not privatization, taxes, HST, the price of OHIP, health care vouchers, all-day kindergarten, Ontario clean air benefit, opting out of OHIP, Canada Health Act compliance, CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) all candidate’s debate exclusion of Freedom Party candidate Erin Goodwin
34:10 : Maximum denial behind minimum wages Union representation, Ontario minimum wage rise, the relationship between employment and minimum wage laws, the German example, the economic smell test, well-meaning? Kathleen Wynn not sorry for job losses, immorality of minimum wage laws, guaranteed poverty, the employer’s role
51:25 : They do it on purpose minimum wages are designed to hurt the economy, politicians succeeding, beneath our contempt, the evil nature of those who advocate minimum wages, asking Satan to stop sinning, the joke’s on us 57:34 : End

304 – Feedback / Architecture of oppression / Cancerous cell (phones) / Shocking hydro

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Jun 132013



02:11 Your Feedback Is Just Right: feedback, fascism vs communism, Just Right updates
13:28 Edward Snowden – Blowing The Whistle: Edward Snowden, government surveillance, turning fascist, 9/11, laws to fight terror, NSA, intelligence agencies, unfree but comfortable, American future worse, turnkey tyranny, secret government decisions, digital communications, content vs meta-data, privacy, Fourth Amendment, NSA’s constitutional violations, data dangers, perpetual war on terror, a fascist tyranny, corrupt government, no honest thief
32:16 Cell Phone Tumour Rumours: cell phones and cancer, Lawson Health Research Institute, electromagnetic fields may be healthy, radiation
38:08 Shocking Debate: Who Owns London Hydro? sale of London Hydro, ownership, Vinay Sharma, City of London is sole owner of 1001 shares, imaginary shares, conservation, economic resources vs natural resources, fixed charges, rationing electricity, hydro cost’s negative effects, jobs lost, top dollar for bottom service, judging the success of of London Hydro, Outage Management System, profit for government, no cash cow, infrastructure, regulation no protection 59:28 END